Toronto Installation of Sump Pump & Sewage

Sump Pump Installation & Basement Waterproofing

Basement flooding in Toronto is more common than you might think. New homeowners, often don’t realize how quickly groundwater levels can rise in a downpour. RES Plumbing do know. We are also committed to keeping Toronto homes dryer. We do this by providing basement sump pump installations which work automatically to resolve excess water 24/7.

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What is a Sump Pump Installation?

RES Plumbing are specialist residential and commercial plumbers. When home waterproofing concerns manifest, we address these by carrying out sump pump installations in basement areas and crawlspaces.

A sump pump installation is comprised of three key components. First, a sump pit is dug into the ground beneath a crawlspace or basement. Into this, a float switch activated centrifugal motor pump is installed. Once connected to mains power and for-purpose drainage outlets, a sump pump will activate whenever groundwater levels rise and activate automatic flotation switches.

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Sump Pump Pit Installation

A sump pump works by sitting below ground level in a sump pit. Pumps then automatically discharge rising groundwater into drainage lines, before water rises to basement floor level.

Building regulations in Toronto stipulate that any new home in a high water table area must be constructed with a dedicated sump pit. However, where a sump pit isn’t present, we can excavate, line, and seal pits, ready for pump placement. As home waterproofing experts, we can identify optimal places to site sump pits. We can also carry out a sump pit installation while being mindful of future basement remodeling plans.

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How Do Sump Pumps Protect During Power Outages?

At RES Plumbing, we are more than familiar with the perils of home power outages. This is why with every new sump pump installation, we also install reliable backup battery units. During power outages, sump pumps we install automatically start drawing on backup power supplies. Batteries themselves last for 12 – 24-hours. Basements, therefore, stay dry, even during severe storms and power outages.

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Licensed & Exprience Plumbers in Toronto

RES Plumbing fix drains fast. Our technicians are highly skilled and serve home and business owners all across the Greater Toronto area.

Don’t wait for drain and pluming problems to escalate. Benefit from fast-acting, permanent solutions to common drain problems today. Call RES Plumbing now and benefit from a free, no-obligation quote for same day on-site support.


What Kind of Sump or Sewage Pump is Right for Your Home?

Different basement sizes and home elevations require different home waterproofing systems. Larger basements will often need more powerful sump pumps. To keep Toronto homes dryer no matter what, RES Plumbing provide comprehensive on-site consultations. During these, we advise property owners where sump pits should be located, and what the best pump models on the market are for different home waterproofing requirements.

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Fully Licensed, Insured & Locally Certified

RES Plumbing are fully licensed and insured in the state of Ontario. When we carry out a new sump pump installation, we abide by Toronto building code. More importantly, we offer comprehensive warranty on all parts and labor.


Sump Pump Repair & Maintenance Services

Sump pumps spend their entire mechanical lifetime immersed in water. Properly maintaining units is, therefore, vital. Is your sump pump noisy, continually running, or failing during periods of heavy rain? If so, call RES Pluming asap. We will carry out a thorough diagnostic of your pump motor assembly. We will also check flotation switches and backup batteries for faults. Doing so will add years to the working life of your pump and help keep your basement dryer for longer.


Do I Need a Sump Pump in My Toronto Home?

Sump pump installations don’t just prevent flooding. As dedicated home waterproofing systems, sump pumps banish basement damp, occasional standing water, and basement mold. This being the case, if you are affected by any of the above, call RES Plumbing now for a free, no-obligation home waterproofing consultation.